For this project I was asked to:
Add something to the logo so that it could reflect the Creative and Cultural Industries such as maybe adding a slogan under the logo "for creative and cultural industries" and also adding a graphic to the logo that represents this industry.
The project partners proposed to follow "biomimicry patterns" in hopes that it will spark a new perspective on connectivity between industries and maybe also how different industries can share excess to be more sustainable
Feedback 1:
Much better, still I have my doubts over the use of a serif Typo.
Good to go (if we change the typo for something more appealing the better).

Feedback 2:
The logo is nice.
I agree with feedback 1, if you use sans serif will be much better.

Feedback 3:
Yes, I agree with feedback 1. Looks good, but if possible a sans serif font would be preferable.

After the feedback I amended the work to their suggestions and the Below Work was chosen as their final Design
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